TM-G10: RFID Blocking Card For Debit/Credit Cards

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Identity and Credit card fraud affects millions of people each year. You shouldn't have to put a price tag on your private information.

A hacker can steal your credit card or credit card information by:

  • Using electronic skimmers to pick-pocket your wallet.
  • swiping your credit card through a device that copies the information stored on the magnetic stripe of your card
  • installing small devices on payment terminals that record your credit card information

Protecting your personal information should be your highest priority. That’s why we’ve designed the TM-G10, an RFID blocking card created to make your personal information invisible to hackers.

Our RFID blocking card reduces a scanner's transmitted signal power, thus preventing the microchip in your government-issued RFID card from being exposed to hacking.

Hackers have, over the years successfully demonstrate how a portable handheld RFID reader can “skim” sensitive information from credit cards and passports from several feet away.

Your name and country of origin can be easily skimmed from your passport.

In other cases, RFID skimmers have collected entire credit card numbers from the pockets of unsuspecting victims.

Remember, a hacker doesn't have to drain your entire bank account all at once. They only need to collect $0.50-$1.00 every month, multiplied by hundreds of thousands of victims to be successful, and the worst part is that you wouldn't know it, so therefore, you wouldn't report it.

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