TM-320 Pro Gaming Mouse Pad

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 The Freedom To Do More

Meet the ultra-thick professional mouse pad designed to deliver you more comfort and control.

tm-320 pro gaming mouse pad

Your Workspace Just Got A Lot Better

Our vision is to deliver you the best PC experience possible through our products.

An experience that strikes the right balance between comfort, control, and speed without sacrificing quality.

Simple in its all-black design, but yet stunning to look at, as it is to touch.

The TM-320 Pro presents gamers, content creators, video, and photo editors with a responsive and minimalist design, that allows for smooth mouse movements in any application.

Designed For Professionals

waterproof gaming mouse pad

This medium ultra-thick mouse pad delivers exceptional tracking responsiveness and mouse control with an excellent build quality to suit your style and taste.

You'll have more space for increased mouse movement without sacrificing on quality. 

Unrestricted and Generous

mouse pad for graphic designers

A width of 320mm means you'll never run out of room ever again. 

Don't settle for bottom of the barrel mouse pads, its time to step your game up another notch.


Experience The Art Of Comfort

  • Ultra-thick surface delivers a comfortable experience that prevents your wrists from straining over extended periods which encourages natural wrist posture.
  • Easy to clean waterproof surface that'll keep your deskspace looking professional while giving you an extra layer of protection against sweaty, smelly hands, spills, and liquids
  • Stiched-Edges prevents unwanted peeling and enhances durability
  • Tear-resistant fabric lasts longer than generic brands saving you more money in the long-run. 
  • A non-slip natural rubber base prevents unwanted movements and constant adjustments



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