Thank you for stopping by. If you're new here, I want to give you a warm welcome.

My name is Matthew Barnes and I'm the founder of TechMalak

In 2013, I started TechMalak as a technology news website covering the latest in consumer electronics which you can still find here

Since our beginning we've profiled creative companies and reviewed products made by some of the best startups from around the world.

The rate of innovation from these companies is on another level when you get to peak behind the curtains.

I've seen tech socks, anti-antiperspirant t-shirts, to portable USB washing machines.

It's crazy when you think about how much there is out there.

The New TechMalak

I've been wanting to create my own line of premium consumer gadgets for a while.

Instead of pondering with a bunch of what-ifs, I've decided to take that leap of faith.

The TM-320 Pro and the TM-G10 are our first products to see daylight and I think you'll love them when you realize how easy to use they are.

My focus is on you, the creative entrepreneur, that professional which everyone in your circle looks to for guidance.

TechMalak can make your life that much more interesting and comfortable for yourself and those around you.

Your busy managing your company, not to mention your daily lifestyle choices.

I'm creating products that enhance your creative spirit, and help you express yourself more passionately. 

In a time where the new normal is more self-isolation, and social distancing its now more important than ever to find new ways to break free from your constraints. 

I thank you again for stopping by.

Matthew Barnes

Matthew Barnes