Are Gaming Mouse Pads Worth It And Should I Get One?

Are gaming mouse pads worth your time and effort?

The short answer is yes!

In fact, you don't have to be a gamer to enjoy the real-world benefits of a professional mouse pad.

If you're a graphic designer, office worker, business person, or work from home, you'll benefit from a more comfortable and precise computing experience.

Generally, most gaming products are designed to go beyond the average run-of-the-mill peripherals.


  • Longer lasting
  • More comfortable
  • Posses a higher build quality
  • Cut down on mouse wear and tear
  • Have more features.

Because of these features, gaming products are generally higher-priced.

Does A Gaming Mouse Pad Make A Difference?

gaming mouse pad setup 

Sure it does.

You've invested your money in a nice gaming PC, monitor, chair, desktop decor, mechanical keyboard, and gaming mouse.

So why stop there?

You don't have to be an e-Sports professional to understand the importance of quick response times, and control during your most intense sessions.

Some people will argue against the need for a gaming mouse pad and will go as far as saying it doesn't really make much of a difference.


Because times have changed, and we've come a long way from where a computer mice required a rolling trackball.

Back then we used whatever cloth we could find, a piece of carpet, some fabric, or a cheap mouse pad.

These were quick fixes, and for the most part, they worked.

 New Technology 

mouse trackball old

Technology has come a long way since the early days.

Even the most basic dollar store mouse pad can track on almost any surface such as your sofa.

But you're not interested in performing huge hand swipes in Apex Legends on your sofa with a bottom of the barrel dollar store mouse.

Nor are you going to trust un-optimized surfaces while you're engaged in Overwatch.

Gaming mice are loaded with features and are developed specifically to give you better response times.

Gaming mousepads are also developed to complement your gaming mice with textured materials that allow for more control and speed which results in better gameplay for you.

When it comes to materials, cloth mousepads are the most popular. 

They give you more precise control over your in-game actions which helps reduce unwanted shaky moments.

They're also very comfortable and easily transported.

Some gamers prefer hard mouse pads that have less friction and allow for rapid mouse movement.

I'm not going to say which one is better, because it depends on your playing preference. 

I prefer cloth mouse pads that have an anti-slip base, but that's just me, you might be different and that's ok. 

Our TM-320 Pro gaming mouse pad features 5mm thickness, water-resistant materials, and a decent 320mm surface area.

I wanted something that's super comfortable, super smooth, easy to clean, durable while allowing for more in-game control.

One of the biggest advantages of gaming mouse pads is the consistency they provide you.

Hard mouse pads require surfaces that are level without any ridges. 

So if your gaming desk fits the bill, you shouldn't have a problem.

It's when you're using older desks with ridges, dips, and dents will you notice a drop with your in-game performance.

Thicker cloth mouse pads will usually give you an even playing surface area so that your mouse can track your actions accurately. 

Accuracy makes all the difference between winning and losing when you're making huge swipes. 

Another huge benefit you'll appreciate is that cloth mouse pads don't wear down your gaming mouse feet as much as a hard surface will while you're swiping and gliding. 

You want your products to last as long as possible, especially when you shell out a premium for your peripherals. 

Gaming mouse pads are worth it if you value accuracy, control, and comfort. 

I look at it this way.

You can get a cheap set of tires, and they'll last you for a short while.

But you'll be replacing those tires more frequently in the long run versus spending the extra money by investing in a quality tire. 

You'll experience better ride quality, handling, and braking witha quality tire.

Gaming mouse pads are very versatile, and as I said earlier, you don't have to be a gamer to enjoy its benefits.