5 Crypto Home Decor Ideas That Will Inspire You

It's the 4th quarter and the 2021 crypto bull run is nearly done with new all time highs being set.

It's been nothing short of a wild ride to say the least, and what better way to celebrate your incredible gains than with some nice crypto room decor!

Fighting through the FUD (fear, doubt, and uncertainty) is a major trial-by-fire, right-of-passage situation we all have to deal with.

Managing your emotions is a challenge when institutional investors decide to manipulate the markets (wyckoff distribution) the way the see fit.

That's why you need a game plan of always taking profits, when you're "in profit" to lock in those sweet gains.

It serves as a buffer against huge price swings to the downside, and is the reason why you're investing in the first place.

Once you get those gains you've need to treat yourself to a little something nice.

Something that reflects what you've been doing for the last few crypto quarters.

I've been searching the Internet and gathered a list of 5 crypto home décor ideas that'll help you take your room to the next level.

5 Crypto Home Decor Ideas

Decorate Your Wall With A Cardano Poster

A poster is an excellent way to improve and uplift any space as with this Cardano poster.

This proof-of-stake platform has some of the biggest ambitions of any project within crypto.

It has the goal of decentralizing the entire economy of the African content, by putting power back into the hands of its people.

When you dive into Cardano and its founder Charles Hoskinson, you get a real sense of purpose and direction, which resonates with a huge portion of the crypto community. 

Bitcoin Neon Sign

bitcoin neon sign

Source: Etsy

If you've made in crypto because you held fast with those diamond hands and need a way to celebrate, then here's your deal.

A neon LED Bitcoin sign to make a bold statement. 

Your guests will know what you stand for without you ever having to explain yourself. 

And if they wonder how you got to be so financially independent, all you've gotta do is point. 

It would be nice to have one of those in my home.

Imagine having something like that as a door mat at the entrance.

I'd have to DIY to make it work the way I want it to.

Ethereum Pillow

Ethereum Pillow

Source: Redbubble

Ethereum, the future home of Internet 3.0.

This platform is home to the majority of products in crypto from Defi to NFts.

Borrowing and lending platforms are mostly built on the Ethereum blockchain, so it's kind of a big deal. 

If you're heavily invested in Ethereum, then most likely you've made a lot of money by now or at least you're on the way to some face-melting gains. 

You'll sleep well at nights, especially on your ETH pillow once you realize those sweet crypto profits.

The minimalist design brings about a certain level of elegance and confidence to your home, especially when your portfolio is up 10X.

AAVE Shower Curtain

aave shower curtain

Source: Crypto Wardrobe

We all take showers, so why not upgrade your plain boring shower curtain to something nicer. 

If you like lending your crypto and earning interest, AAVE is a finance protocol that allows you to do so. 

You'll earn much more on this platform versus leaving your fiat money in your bank account collecting little to no interest while your bank lends out your money for a profit.

I love the use of gradients in this shower curtain because it's not over-the-top with crazy colors, just clean and nice.

 Customizable Ethereum Night Lamp

ethereum night lamp

Source: GiftoLamp

You can personalize your lamp to your hearts content to set the perfect mood in your room. 

Forget about lamp shades, and incandescent bulbs that cost more to operate than LEDs.

According to GiftoLamp, these LED lamps are made from eco-friendly acrylic which should be better on the environment.


There are lots of crypto home decor options to choose from when you're in need of a transformation. 

Some decor items are hit and miss, and not everything is for everyone. 

Crypto is still in its infancy as a whole, and if you're invested then your still early.